I discovered my interest for art and tattoos at a very young age. Bazooka Gum and Cracker Jacks are the key places I found most of my inspiration. I discovered that pens and markers of all sorts worked great on skin too. Once the teenage years came along I was well into designing, drawing, and painting. Putting my art on clothing, windows signs, or anything I could find as my outlets. I found myself in the middle of the motorcycle scene at the age of fifteen. My life's career started and I knew in my heart and soul that being a tattoo artist was my destiny. I began working with EasyRiders Magazine, Rodeos, carnivals, and small fairs with a truly amazing man by the name of Duane Hayes. Duane took me as an apprentice prior to all the festivities and road shows. In the early 90's I met an artist by the name of Drifter. Duane pushed me out of my nest and sent me into  the convention world. Using Des Moines  as my home base, I continued doing the shows and enjoying my work. ive Now had 30 plus years in the industry, I enjoy Being one of the owners here at the shop, and feel honored to work with the amazing crew here at Sacred Diamond.